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Hidden field for technical data


The situation: I working on a feedback button control, which could be included in a skin to display on all pages. Then user clicks the button, it redirects to Feedback page (with Feedback module on it) passing current TabID plus optional user-selected text (provided by Rangy Javascript library) in a querystring (or POST) parameters.

In my current implementation, TabID and user-selected text added to the feedback message body just before submit - but it possible that form will not validate, and then user could be discouraged by seeng this additional information, could be able to modify it, etc.

I could use some less-frequently fields like Street (max. 50 chars) for this purpose and hide them on page load, but having additional hidden field on the form with sane max. length to store some technical information could greatly help in this scenario.


redhound2 wrote Nov 11, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Just realized that Feedback.UserAgent field contains URL with all params, so if I use GET method to navigate to Feedback tab, then all required info already stored in the DB.

I'd like to use POST method, though - but this feature it worth to explore in the described use-case.