The DotNetNuke Feedback module

The Feedback module is part of the original modules that came with DotNetNuke, the web content management system and web application framework. DotNetNuke® Feedback is a basic module used for accepting user inquiries on your DNN site.

Getting started

Suggestions? Features? Questions?

  • Visit the Feedback Project Forum on
  • Add bugs or feature requests to the Issue Tracker. Help us shape the Events module with your feedback!
  • Read more about the Feedback module on our Blog on

An overview of the Feedback module

Feedback Submission, Lists, Moderation and Display

The Events module support various way of displaying events, all handled by selectable CSS based themes that can be created and modified.

Feedback Submission List Edit
MainScreen.png EditLists.png
Moderation View Comments
Moderation.png ViewComments.png

Extensive Configurability

The module enables extensive consiguration in five main areas
  1. Email Address
    • Configuration including who emails are sent to, and sent 'from' (to support sites where the send from email address must be in the same domain as the website).
    • Whether copies should be sent to the user and whether they can aopt-out or not.
  2. Categories
    • Categories to enable routing
    • Using categories as the 'send to' address
  3. Form Fields
    • Configuration of which fields to display, including location and contact details as well as message and subject
    • Enforcement of which fields must be entered.
    • Width of form
    • Validation of telepheone numbers, email adresses and post codes
  4. Submission and Security
    • Enabling Captcha, including an audio code and the 'noise' in the code graphic
    • Prevention against re-submission
    • Re-direction on submission
  5. Moderation
    • Moderation of feedback
    • Print configuration

View Comments

The installation package comes with an anciliary module that enables the display of approved comments, based on full portal display, or specific modules. This display is templated so cane be configured on a per module basis.

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